New pin filtering functionality

May 28, 2012
By Mike

Sometimes, the number of pins displayed on the map of the Plak home page can be a little overwhelming, especially when you are looking for something specific. So to make life a little easier, yesterday I added functionality that allows displayed pins to be filtered according to criteria that you supply.

Clicking the Filter button will open a pop-up that looks something like this: -

In this example, I’m only interested in seeing pins for lodgings that contain the word cottage in their descriptions. First, I make sure that Lodging is selected in the sidebar (if Lodging isn’t selected, no lodging pins will be displayed on the map).

I then specify cottage as the filter criteria in the pop-up, and click the OK button. Only pins for lodgings that contain the word cottage will now be displayed on the map.

The filter criteria will remain in place for all further operations you might perform. i.e. Moving the map around, or zooming in and zooming out. The filter criteria will also be applied to any other categories of pins you choose to display on the map. i.e. Selecting the Automotive category in the sidebar, will also filter automotive pins.

To remove the filter criteria and redisplay all pins, click the Filter button again, and delete any filtering criteria you specified. Please note that filter criteria will not persist across page loads.

The filter criteria will now persist across page loads, and the text of the Filter button will be displayed in red, when filtering is active.

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